Upon graduating in the worst economic time in recent years, my college roommate Kevin and I packed our bags, and left for South East Asia in the summer of 2003. It was supposed to be only 2 months, but I ended up staying longer. I had no reason to come back. Fuck, if I had to do it again, I would not have. My trip started in Tokyo, Japan for 1 week and then flew into Singapore to meet Kevin. There our overland journey took us to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It was a trip to remember, and an unforgettable experience. Our online journal can still be viewed here. Pictures are here. Updated 10/2/2005. I found a bunch of old emails I sent out here.
So in April of 2005, Erik, Craig, Matt, and I all packed our bags for a quick jaunt in Norway. None of us had ever been there, Erik's roots were there, and what better way to escape the New England cold than by going to an even colder part of the world. We rented a car in Oslo and drove to Bergen, passed through amazing fjords, sunsets at 10 PM, $13 beers, vikings, and blonde people. Once we all said goodbye to Craig (midweek) we went down to the fishing town of Arendal where we were treated to Reindeer. Good times were had by all. Pictures can be found here.